Anti-Money Laundering Policy

All Law Firms have to update their existing AML Policy, Controls and Procedures to reflect the new Money Laundering Regulations 2017 (MLR 2017).

Benefit from our many years of London Partner-level practical experience and specialist AML expertise.

Tower Legal provides Firms with a comprehensive AML Policy which can ensure their Compliance.

Our AML Policy is specifically designed for Law Firms by legal experts.  It can be tailored to your Firm’s specific risks.

Your Firm must:

– Ensure your AML Policy, Controls and Procedures reflect your Firm’s new Risk Assessment
– Be able to produce its individual written AML Risk Assessment to the Supervisory Authorities
Mitigate and manage effectively the risks to your Firm of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Adopt a new AML Policy proportionate to the size, nature and risks of your business
Tailor your AML Policy to protect your Firm, its Staff and its valuable reputation

Your Support from Tower Legal includes:

An AML Policy specifically designed for Law Firms using London Partner-level expertise
Procedures and Controls to assist your Firm’s day-to-day Regulatory compliance
AML Forms for immediate and practical use

Benefits of our AML Policy include:

Protecting your MLRO, COLP, COFA, Partners, Management Team and Staff
Supporting your Firm-wide Compliance
Integrating your Firm’s specific Risk Assessment into your new AML Policy, Procedures and Controls


What Our Clients Say

“Excellent – made AML interesting”
”Excellent – made AML interesting. Most useful being able to ask questions”
"The best AML Training"
"The best AML Training I’ve ever had – the presentation speaker was excellent”
"Excellent, engaging & informative”
"Excellent, engaging & informative – the most useful application to our own areas of work"