In-House Training

Cyber Security In‑House Training

Cybercrime is a daily threat to your Firm, its Partners, Fee Earners, Accounts and Support Staff. Your Firm’s Clients are part of that risk.

The potential damage and losses (personal, practical and financial) are enormous.  They include:

 Financial Loss
– Reputational Damage
– Professional Sanctions
– Breach of Statutory and Regulatory requirements
– Breach of Professional Duties to your Clients

Human error is the primary – and most easily preventable – cause of Cyber Security breaches.

Your Firm’s Cyber systems alone are not a sufficient protection for your Firm without a clear understanding by your Staff of the current risks and how to avoid them.

Training all your Staff is therefore essential.

Tower Legal can help your Firm to understand the many personal and Firm-wide risks of Cybercrime which are relevant to your specific Firm.  Our Cyber Security Training is designed to equip your Staff with a greater understanding of how to spot the warning signs and take appropriate action to protect your Firm and themselves from such attacks.

Tower Legal’s Cyber Security In-House Training is available for Fee Earners, Accounts and Support Staff.

Training Topics include:

Cybercrime: the warning signs
Avoiding danger
Managing a Cyber Attack
The Firm’s Cyber Security Policy
Practical examples

Who our Training Supports:

Risk Managers
Fee Earners
Support Staff
Accounts staff

In-House Training


What our clients say

"Excellent Presenter"
"An excellent presenter - made it easy to learn”
“Absolutely essential"
"Absolutely essential Training”
"Time well spent”
"Time well spent - increases awareness of minefields in AML and Cybercrime”