In-House Training

Benefits of Our In‑House Training

Tower Legal is a leading UK specialist Training Company providing high-calibre In-House Training expertise in the areas of greatest risk for Law Firms.  Benefits of our In-House Training include:

  • Risk Specific to your Firm’s individual Risk Assessment* (therefore compliant with the new MLR 2017)
  • Specialist expertise at London-Partner level – brought to your Firm
  • Face-to-face interactive learning – supporting a comprehensive practical understanding
  • Tailored practical scenarios geared to your Firm’s specific needs, risks and obligations
  • A safe and confidential environment to discuss difficult Client-related matters
  • Learning pitched to your staff’s current level of experience, understanding and knowledge
  • Active delegate participation – maximising their learning opportunity
  • High-calibre engaging delivery – to consistently excellent delegate feedback
  • Cost and time effective
  • Scheduled to suit your Firm
  • Peace of mind for the MLRO, Partners and Firm – the MLRO ensures first-hand that there is protective and relevant Compliance Training for their Firm and that this compulsory Training has been attended
*The new Money Laundering Regulations 2017 (MLR 2017) require your Firm to:
  • Undertake an internal documented Risk Assessment (Regulation 18, MLR 2017)
  • Ensure your AML Policy and Procedures reflect your Firm’s own Risk Assessment
  • Refresh your AML Training based on the new law to ensure you and your Firm remain compliant (Regulation 24, MLR 2017)


Contact us today to discuss how our In-House Training can best help you to tackle the many challenges of Anti-Money Laundering, Cyber Security and Data Protection & GDPR.

What Our Clients Say

"First Rate"
"First rate. Illuminating, entertaining and hands on”
"Excellent training – full of information – excellent delivery”
"Outstanding – extremely informative and brilliantly presented”